2023 Fall

Congratulations to the Grand Winners!


Welcome to the newest edition of the StartSmart Accelerator 2023 !

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We're grateful for the support of our partners  and sponsors!

Their contributions enable us to provide our accelerator program and support the growth of technology entrepreneurship in South Eastern Europe.

StartSmart Accelerator is our flagship program, designed to empower technology startups in South Eastern Europe. Building on the success of the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece Startup Competition, the StartSmart Accelerator provides startups with the resources, guidance, and connections they need to succeed. We focus primarily on deep tech startups transferring technology from the lab to the market, leveraging our know-how and network to accelerate their growth.

Key dates

Here are the key dates for the upcoming edition of the StartSmart Accelerator:

Application Period: July 5 – September 10

1st judging round: September 18-23

Semifinalists’ announcement: September 25

Online welcome event for semifinalists: September 26

Semifinalists’ mentoring period: September up to December

Series of Webinars “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup”: September 28 – October 26

Webinar “Legal matters for Greece & Europe”: October 4

Webinar “Legal matters for the US”: October 6

Webinar “The Art of Negotiation”: October 11

Webinar “How to build out your team”: October 13

Webinar “Funding Tools for Companies Close to Commercialization”: October 18

Webinar “Digital Marketing”: October 20

Webinar “Perfect Pitch”: October 30-31

One-on-one coaching sessions: November 1-10

One-on-one polish sessions: November 13-14

Investors Pitch Night Event: November 20

2nd judging round: November 22-24

Finalists’ announcement: November 28

Webinar “Investment Readiness : Ticking the Boxes”: November 30

Webinar “PR & SEO”: December 6

Webinar “Product Strategy & Design”: December 8

Final Judging: December 12

Awards Ceremony: December 13

How to apply

Ready to take your startup to the next level? Here’s how to apply to the StartSmart Accelerator:

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