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We're grateful for the support of our partners  and sponsors!

Their contributions enable us to provide our accelerator program and support the growth of technology entrepreneurship in South Eastern Europe.

Key benefits for sponsors and partners:

Brand exposure:

Gain brand exposure on our website, at events, and in marketing materials, reaching entrepreneurs, investors, and tech professionals globally.

Networking opportunities:

 Engage in valuable networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and business professionals through our events and programs.

Knowledge sharing:

Participate in workshops and events to stay informed about the latest technology and entrepreneurship trends, benefiting your strategic planning and decision-making.

Association with MIT:

Leverage StartSmart’s association with the MIT JWEL network, enhancing your brand’s credibility and visibility.

Access to innovative startups:

Gain direct access to innovative startups in our programs, creating opportunities for strategic partnerships, investments, or acquisitions.

Corporate social responsibility:

Support entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth in South Eastern Europe, enhancing your brand’s reputation and fulfilling corporate social responsibility goals.

Talent acquisition:

 Identify potential new hires for your organization as our programs attract talented entrepreneurs and professionals.

Customized partnership opportunities:

For Partners and Sponsors

Collaborate with us to create tailored partnership opportunities aligned with your strategic goals and interests, maximizing the value of your sponsorship or partnership.

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