At StartSmart South Eastern Europe, we leverage our extensive capabilities and strategic partnerships to offer a wide range of programs that foster technology entrepreneurship and drive innovation in the region. Our programs are designed to support startups at different stages of their journey, build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and foster a culture of innovation.
List of All Our Programs

Workshops and Training

The StartSmart Accelerator, our flagship program, provides startups with mentorship, education, resources, and networking opportunities over a specific period of time. We leverage our partnership with MIT Open Learning and the MIT JWEL network to bring world-class resources and expertise to our accelerator program. The goal is to help startups grow rapidly and become investment-ready.

Workshops and Training

Our Workshops and Training sessions cover a wide range of topics relevant to technology entrepreneurship. These educational events are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs, helping them to navigate the challenges of building a startup. Our partnership with MIT Open Learning allows us to incorporate cutting-edge content from MIT into our workshops and training sessions.

Networking Events

Network events are at the heart of our efforts to cultivate a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders. Through these regular gatherings, we create an environment that fosters connections, idea-sharing, and collaborative endeavors. By attending these events, members of our community have the chance to forge valuable relationships and seize new opportunities.

Investor Relations Program

Our Investor Relations Program helps startups connect with potential investors, and vice versa. We leverage our extensive network and our partnership with MIT Open Learning to facilitate these connections and to provide education for both startups and investors.

University Collaboration Programs

University Collaboration Programs form the foundation of our efforts to nurture entrepreneurship among students and researchers while facilitating the commercialization of university research. Our partnership with MIT Open Learning and the MIT JWEL network enables us to bring world-class resources and expertise to these collaborations.

Corporate Innovation Programs

Our Corporate Innovation Programs support established companies in their innovation endeavors. Through corporate accelerator programs, innovation consulting services, and collaborations between corporations and startups, we harness our capabilities and partnership with MIT Open Learning to drive corporate innovation.

Policy Advocacy

We work to improve the Policy environment for startups and entrepreneurship in the region. Leveraging our research capabilities and our connection to the MIT JWEL network, we advocate for policies that support startups and educate policymakers about the needs of startups and the benefits of entrepreneurship.”

Research and Publications

We research the startup ecosystem and publish reports, case studies, and other resources. Our research and publications, informed by our partnership with MIT Open Learning, help to inform and educate stakeholders about the state of technology entrepreneurship in the region, the challenges and opportunities that startups face, and the impact of our programs.

Custom Programs

Custom programs are our specialty, in addition to our regular offerings. We pride ourselves on tailoring programs to meet the specific needs of startups, corporations, universities, and other organizations. Whether you require a startup competition, a corporate innovation program, or something unique, we leverage our capabilities and partnership with MIT Open Learning to design a program that precisely aligns with your requirements.

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