Marina Hatsopoulos invests in RTsafe


Happy to announce another fruitful collaboration!

Entrepreneur and angel investor, Marina Hatsopoulos has made an equity investment in RTsafe, last year’s winner of the MITEF Greece Startup Competition. Both parties were originally introduced during the competition and the MIT Bootcamp and almost a year after they decided to collaborate.



RTsafe’s announcement:
RTsafe is delighted to announce that entrepreneur and angel investor, Marina Hatsopoulos has made an equity investment in RTsafe. Ms Hatsopoulos has experience in both 3D printing and medical technology, both of which are at the core of RTsafe’s commercial offering. She is currently a Director of Cynosure Inc., a $340 million leader in the laser aesthetics market. Ms Hatsopoulos was previously the founding CEO and primary investor in 3D printing leader, Z Corporation, from 1994 through to its sale in 2005. She is also Chair of Levitronix Technologies, a leader in magnetically-levitated pumps, and has served as Director of the GSI Group, a $300 million supplier of medical laser technology and Contex Holding, a $100 million manufacturer of large-format scanners.



Commenting on the appointment, RTsafe’s CEO Evangelos Pappas, stated: “We cannot think of a more appropriate and insightful participant in RTsafe than Marina Hatsopoulos. She not only has direct experience of our technology and marketplace but has shown time and again how to unite technological breakthroughs with commercial success. We welcome her support and thank her for the belief in our vision evidenced by the investment she has made“.





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